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The tinkle of his medallion when he ran to greet me. The smell of wet dog as I dried him after a rainy walk. The rattle of his bowl against the kitchen flagstones during the 30 seconds he took to eat his breakfast. Then there was his sudden appearance in my bathroom when my shower took longer than he thought reasonable, and the look of deep resentment if he was sprinkled with water as I reached for a towel. I even miss the old causes of annoyance. These days, I can load the dishwasher without fighting a losing battle to stop Buster licking the plates, and I can leave the morning’s letters on the doormat without them being perforated by Buster’s teeth. Roy Hattersley and dog Buster were inseparable for 15 years Now, I long to be inconvenienced again – to be forced by Buster’s persistence to go out in the freezing Peak District rain; to be woken in the middle of the night by his snoring; and to go through the complicated ritual of fastening on his safety harness in preparation for a journey. In the car he would fall asleep and, if we were driving from London to Derbyshire, wake up with a whoop when we turned the corner into our village.

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Magnetic Flowmeter Technonogy Now that you know a possible technology to use, let Instrumart show you some products. A less expensive alternative to Magnetic technology: They can handle light particulate, have a higher pressure drop, lower rangeability and are slightly less accurate. In a magnetic flowmeter, a magnetic field is generated and channeled into the liquid flowing through the pipe.

Throughout the stadium Hook-Up flow management modules, part of Hattersley’s extensive range of commissioning valves, are providing heating and air-conditioning.

On projects where a large number of fan coils or chilled beams are used, the installer has to provide: Flushing by-pass, isolation valves, flow control valves, drain valves. Strainers and flow measurement devices on each terminal unit. Purchasing the individual components and making assemblies onsite is time consuming, repetitive work that requires considerable labour time. The correct flow control valve must be selected for each terminal unit, and the number of pipe joints can be significant, all of which carry risks of leakage, re-work and delays in project time plans.

The Hattersley Hook-Up is a pre-assembled and tested unit supplied complete and ready for installation. All flow control valves are sized by Hattersley to suit each fan coil flow rate, and every unit is supplied tagged wtih fan coil reference for ease of installation. The unique 80mm H-Body flushing by-pass arrangement as the cornerstone of each assembly, a variety of valves are then connected on the flow and return sides of the H-Body to suit specifications.

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HVAC Compact Hook-Up units from Hattersley are being installed in Birmingham’s new ‘show piece’ building, The Cube, which is under construction in the city centre. Described as a ‘city within a city’, the £ million storey building is the final phase in Birmingham’s Mailbox development.

Joni Webb I still love getting in a car and taking off on a long drive. Ben and I never fly to South Padre Island, we always opt for the six hour drive that takes us through the famous King Ranch and the rich, fertile valleys of South Texas. Then, we would drive out for an extended vacation. In Texas, it can take easily take two days just to reach the border, so driving to another state can be a trip itself.

We used to visit all the Worlds Fairs. We never camped out though —instead, we always stayed in motels along the way, as long as there was a swimming pool. Lately, it seems a lot of people share this vision, except they are actually doing it, not dreaming about it. But camping today is not like camping when we were growing up. Glamping sites are popping up all over the United States and the craze is popular in Europe and Africa too. There are two kinds of Glamping. You can stay at a camp site that provides romantic tents ala Out of Africa.

Or you can provide your own shelter — a trailer.

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Trust levels are integrally tied into the concept of Code Access Security CAS in SharePoint, and how that code interacts with various security decisions. Typically, when executing code in an application environment, the context of that application will assimilate the identity of the user, regardless of what the arbitrary application may be. This however differs in SharePoint, which leverages the concept of Code Access Security in order to determine what code should be run within the SharePoint environment.

CAS, at first glance can appear very confusing, but rather, once the concept and architecture that builds CAS is understood it is a very powerful concept. Defining Trust Levels Within SharePoint There are various CAS trust levels that SharePoint can run under, each which has its owns implications and after effects, and deciding which to leverage dictates a through analysis before implementing each within your SharePoint environment.

Orbit navigation Move camera: 1 finger drag or Left Mouse Button Pan: 2-finger drag or Right Mouse Button or SHIFT+ Left Mouse Button Zoom on object: Double-tap or Double-click on object Zoom out: Double-tap or Double-click on background Zoom: Pinch in/out or Mousewheel or CTRL + .

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Second to none after sales service All hattersley hook up ii are genuine brands you can trust Worldwide export MyTub service is second to none in the UK, no other company aims to fulfill your requirements like MyTub does. We have fully trained and experienced staff ready to take your order, find the nearest branch with the goods ready on the shelf to deliver to your address and ensure you get your order delivered to you as quick as humanly possible.

We keep you informed of the progress of your order, good or bad news. Our experienced team offer pre sales service to answer any questions you have relating to the products by liaising with the manufactures. All our hattersley hook up ii products are genuine branded goods. If the item is in existence and on a UK shelf we will source it for you, in some cases when the part has even been obsolete for quite some years.

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I recommend you buy a case to avoid damaging your Pi. Using a screwdriver, place your Raspberry Pi into its case. Some cases do not require the use of a screwdriver — however, I prefer cases that use screws to secure the Pi for extra stability. I’ve linked to such a case for the Raspberry Pi 3 at the top of this guide — it also comes with small aluminum heatsinks for the CPU and GPU, as the Pi 3 can get quite hot when emulating certain games.

Your Pi may look different than mine! I used a Raspberry Pi 3. It combines a full suite of tools and utilities that will allow you to quickly and easily run ROMs for various vintage gaming platforms. We’re going to do our install using an SD card image — essentially a snapshot of an entire working installation of RetroPie.

Because the Raspberry Pi doesn’t have an internal hard drive, it uses a microSD card for storage of the entire operating system and all files contained therein.

Peerless Valves

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The Hattersley Hook-Up is a pre-assembled and tested unit supplied complete and ready for installation. All flow control valves are sized by Hattersley to suit each fan coil flow rate, and every unit is supplied tagged wtih fan coil reference for ease of installation.

Please, if you don’t already, support the excellent No2ID. The personal medical records of tens of thousands of people have been lost by the NHS, the Department of Health has confirmed. These included computers containing medical records stolen and left by skips and stolen and passwords taped on encrypted discs with sensitive information, The Independent newspaper said. Over the last six months, the Information Commissioner has been forced to take action against 14 NHS bodies for breaching data regulations.

In an interview with the newspaper, Commissioner Richard Thomas, said the watchdog had ordered an urgent review of data security in the health service. Mr Thomas has written to the Department of Health calling for immediate improvements to the lax treatment of personal data within the NHS. The Independent reported that Mr Thomas plans to send in a “crack team” of inspectors to examine how data is protected by hospitals and medical workers across Britain.

One GP downloaded a complete patient database, including the medical histories of 10, people, on to an unsecured laptop, the newspaper reported. The laptop was then said to have been stolen from his home and never retrieved. In another alleged breach, a memory stick containing the medical histories of 6, prison patients and ex-inmates of Preston prison was lost.

Though the data was encrypted, the password was written on a note that was attached to the device. Mick Gorrill, assistant information commissioner, warned of a “complete disconnect” between procedures laid down by managers and practice “on the ground”. Senior RAF staff could be at risk of blackmail after files detailing alleged drug abuse, extra-marital affairs and use of prostitutes were stolen, it has been reported.

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A kindly but formidably persistent woman, Enid Hattersley was also the driving force behind her son, Roy now Lord Hattersley, who served on the city council with both his parents before making his name nationally, ultimately as deputy leader of the Labour Party. Until her death, she remained the strongest influence in his life. Enid Hattersley kept a remarkable secret from her son until he was into his fifties: The secret was closely guarded; friends were mystified that this august, well-read man should occupy a mundane clerical post in the Health Service.

Enid Anne Brackenbury was born at Shirebrook, Nottinghamshire, on September 19 , the daughter of a coal merchant; she claimed to have been “born into the Labour Party”, though she had to wait until she was 14 for her membership card.

For more than years, Hattersley has manufactured a range of valves for the Building Services industry, and is developing a range of next generation balancing solutions.

The dreaded pizza walk! But right then, I would have much rather taken my chances with the coals. The idea is simple: Go into a shop, restaurant, or other public establishment and make an absurd and bold request, i. As we broke for dinner there was lots of nervous chatter amongst the trainees, but I chose not to engage with the others. I wanted to get out there and face these pizza demons as soon as possible.

Now, the aim of the exercise on one level seemed obvious: Thus we can go home and feel more comfortable speaking our truth, asking for what we want, and generally showing up in life more confidently. Or so I thought.

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May 22, The Belgrano Moment She was called Diana Gould and came from Cirencester in Gloucestershire, a middle aged, middle class lady from the shires. She appeared on Nationwide in and was invited by Sue Lawley to put a question to the Falklands victor Margaret Thatcher. The indomitable Mrs T was squirming and it became uncomfortable viewing.

Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu’s.

Greezy Wheels Hi Y’all, Yes, we are afraid it is true: Many factors have gone into this decision, including age, health, outside commitments, and even the ever-changing Austin music landscape, itself. It is simply time to give it all a rest. We are going to continue to record and release music, with perhaps a single release by year’s end – John Bush is calling this our ‘Beatles period’ – with sights on one final “everything but the kitchen sink” full cd by , which will be our fiftieth anniversary as a band.

Some have died, some have moved on – all are still considered by the band to be lifetime members, but the current group has been as much fun as any of the many permeations enjoyed by original and always members, Lissa, Cleve and Mary Hattersley. Penny Jo Pullus is now the longest-serving member besides the original Hattersleys, having been with the band since

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AmbientLightServer software captures the television image and projects matching lighting around the television. Yet while backlighting a television set helps enormously by increasing the amount of ambient light around the screen, dedicated TVs which do this can prove rather expensive. He wanted to produce a bias lighting effect that took into account whatever he was watching or playing, adjusting the colour of the lighting to match the screen.

It then uses the data it gathers to update any attached LEDS with those colours. It works very well but Jimmy had to tweak it, editing the number of LEDs in the strips, adding the location of the starting light and creating an install script.

The Hook-Up is a very compact combination of valves, incorporating a patented bypass valve unit comprising two T-ported ball valves, that dispenses with all the connecting pipework.

My Mom’s New Home Reveal 6. If you are a regular reader of my blog then you know my mother has been dealing with health issues this year that started in early February. After a couple of falls, hospital and rehab stays and then back home to only end up falling and breaking her shoulder we knew it was time for her to move on to the next chapter of her life. Assisted living should be much safer for her.

Of course this is a very hard change for her, but we have made her new home nice and cozy using some of her furnishings from home and a new bed I ordered for her. Thank goodness my mom was smart enough to buy long term care insurance many years ago. These places are quite costly, but we will have peace of mind knowing she is safe. All of this was in her home except for the new table lamp from HomeGoods. Here is a before shot.

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