How to Add an Aux Fuel Tank to a Generator


Ford has released two customer satisfaction recalls for the 7. If your truck is registered in a state requiring additional emissions coverage, and you had a qualifying repair performed within the above dates, and you or the servicing dealer has the original repair invoice, you may be eligible for a refund of the deductible. You only qualify for a refund if you paid the deductible. Deductibles paid by the dealership or an extended warranty are not eligible. This program is in effect until November 30, This may be caused by power steering fluid contamination in the hydroboost system. There is a procedure for installing a temporary filter between the power steering pump and cooler to clean the system. After the cleaning procedure is complete and no brake grabbing or excessive steering effort is felt, remove and discard the filter.

Hydraulic System Design & Operation

Just added an auxiliary fuel tank to my Silverado. While towing, 26 gallons of fuel goes pretty quickly. I typically have to stop for fuel at least once, but sometimes twice during a normal days driving.

May 28,  · I will add a fuel pump (switched in the cab) to transfer fuel from the aux tank to the main tank when the main gets low. Fuel will be pumped into the main tank’s vent line via another tee. Seems easy enough, but I am sure there is something that I am missing.

Have you looked for an auxiliary fuel tank for your truck? Only to be discouraged by the high cost? Me, if I didn’t have bad luck I’d have no luck at all! This ol’ cowboy just couldn’t bring himself to drop that much folding money on a fuel tank. That, and the fact that I didn’t have it, even if I could talk myself into letting go of the dinero! So I had to find a better way. Because I needed the auxiliary truck fuel tank!

BikeMaster Motorcycle Auxiliary Fuel Tank

Measuring the resistance in the ‘Full’ position of the float gave readings between ohms. Measuring the resistance in the ‘Empty’ position of the float gave readings between ohms. As mentioned above, a fuel tank sending unit is nothing more than a variable resistor, and the fuel gauge is simply measuring the resistance between the hot wire and the ground.

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Posted 21 March – The Yamaha and certain other models have a gravity flow fuel system. If you pop off the back access panel you will see the black fuel tank above the top of the float bowl. The fuel vents not through the cap like I originally assumed, but rather vents to a purge tank down twords the bottom of the this generator. The pictures I enclosed show the purge tank off of it’s mount and being drained of excess fuel. One picture not too clear Sorry shows the venting ports near the lip of the fueling port.

From what I make of it, and I’m no expert at all, that this venting method is used to recover gas fumes and comply with some EPA mandate. So the big question is: Yes I think it is still possible, but it will mean that you will have to bypass some of the EPA stuff.

OEM Sub Tank or Aux Fuel Tank setups – For FAQ

Many of us do padlock the trailer hitch lever down so it can not be disconnected from the ball. This can also be a good thing to get used to doing as it is a reminder to not forget to snap the lever down onto the ball. But what about securing the hitch extension into the bumper’s receiver? If you just use the original spring snap clip to hold the pin in place, it is rather easy to pull the pin, slide the trailer rearward enough to get the extension out of the receiver and then transfer the extension to a waiting vehicle that has the same commonly used receiver.

To prevent this, I have drilled my extension pin out enough to also accept a padlock bail, as shown in the photo below on the right. It is nice to purchase 2 or 3 padlocks using the same key for this situation.

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Free up room inside the cab and eliminate unpleasant gasoline odors while driving. This steel gas tank moves the fuel’s weight, adding traction to the rear wheels of the truck. Gas tank could also be used as an auxiliary tank for extra fuel reserve and fewer trips to the gas station. Rust, scale and the effects of time cause corrosion of your gas tank. These deposits can cause the tank to leak or create fuel flow problems. Eliminate this risk by replacing your gas tank today!

These baffled gallon bed-fill steel gas tanks are flanged for frame rail mounting and include fuel line fittings and mounting hardware. Additional parts will be necessary to complete the installation. You will need to add a sending unit, flush-mount fuel filler and filler hose, each sold separately. Sending units will work with 6 volt or 12 volt systems. You will need to cut a hole in your bed floor for the fuel filler, extend the fuel feed line and sending unit wires and relocate the frame mounted spare tire.

Tv Auxiliary Fuel Tank

Tijeras, NM GringoRick said: Thanks to everyone here for all the help over the many years in my mods. I am setting up my 80 for long-term expedition travel, and want to install a simple i.

FUEL TANK SELECTOR VALVE REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION REQUIRED TOOLS: • Assorted Hand Tools SELECTOR VALVE FOR TWO TANK HOOK-UP INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS (Figure 1) towards the fuel tanks. Route the auxiliary tank’s source and return lines to the valve.

Fifth wheel trailers can now be towed with your truck while keeping diesel fuel available. Durable, diamond tread aluminum construction is available in a choice of finishes that guard against chips Specialty series transfer tankNon-rusting. This 60 gallon transfer tank is made to last. This 40 gallon transfer tank is made to last. It has all the This in-bed auxiliary fuel tank is the safest and the toughest fuel tank on the market.

A safe and convenient means for transporting nonflammable liquids. This product is made of high-quality materials to serve you for years to come. Designed using state-of-the-art technology and with customers in mind. It will meet your

External Gas Tank for Yamaha 2400 generator

Modern composite Chobham armor may be several times more efficient against Chemical Energy than RHA of the same thickness. Tank Protection Levels web site. The new MBT, which was tested and approved by the German Bundeswehr which is expected to upgrade at least part of its fleet of Leopard 2A6 and Leopard 2A5 to this standard, funds permitting , brings to the scene a new concept in modularity, providing a weapons system that actually allows operations in urban terrain as well as high intensity operations.

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Oct 27,  · SMOG etc – the aux tank fuel lines are connected to the original set up and thus they do not affect how the fuel emission system works (this was the BIG issue as we didn’t want this system to be throwing fault codes etc.).

You don’t have an auxiliary tank – you have a refuel tank. Normally, refuel tanks are used to haul fuel to other vehicles, such as tractors or off-road equipment. But it can also be used to haul extra fuel for your pickup. It sounds like your refuel tank is hooked up to be legal per DOT rules. It works, so love it.

But if you want to convert it to an auxiliary tank, it’s not simple. You cannot simply plumb in a gravity feed into the main tank. That’s a DOT no no. The best way to hook up an auxliary tank and be legal is to buy the tank and other stuff from Transfer Flow’s Trax-II. Then you have an integrated system and your fuel gauge will work right.

But I doubt TransferFlow will sell you just the stuff you need to convert yours into an auxiliary tank unless you also buy their tank.

Dee Zee Auxiliary Fuel Line Connection Kit How to Install Tank Tutorial Overview

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