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Prehistoric[ edit ] Chalcolithic sites belonging to the Jorwe culture ca. These include the Maurya empire , Satavahana dynasty , the Vakataka dynasty , the Chalukya dynasty and the Rashtrakuta dynasty. Most of these empires extended over a large swathes of Indian territory. Some of the greatest monuments in Maharashtra such as the Ajantha and Ellora Caves were built during the time of these empires. Around BCE Maharashtra came under the rule of the Satavahana dynasty which ruled the region for years. The Vakataka dynasty ruled from c. The Satavahana dynasty mainly used Prakrit rather than Sanskrit or Dravidian languages. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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Geology[ edit ] The mountain range was formed by the same historical events [2] that gave birth to the Western Ghats. Resting on the Deccan Plateau geologically identified as a large igneous province , it consists of solidified Flood basalt dating back to the Cenozoic era. Along its length they form a natural boundary demarcating the Igatpuri Taluka, Nashik district at its north from the Akole Taluka, Ahmednagar district at its south.

The mountain itself lies on the Deccan Plateau with its base at an elevation of meters feet above mean sea level. The mountain along with adjoining hills forms an enormous catchment area for the Arthur Lake which it overlooks. Reaching Kalsubai[ edit ] The mountain can be viewed, in its entirety, from Bari village located on its eastern side, about six km from Bhandardara. It can be reached by road, via Igatpuri on the Mumbai-Nasik route. Trains leaving from Mumbai provide an alternate mode of transport till Kasara railway station with connecting State transport buses , plying on the Akole-Kasara route, leading up to the base village.

Private vehicles from Kasara provide yet another alternative to public transport. Trekking[ edit ] The peak attracts a large number of trekkers and devotees determined to scale the mountain. To reach the summit there are well designated trekking routes. The most popular route is through the eastern mountain face taking off from the base village Bari.

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It is a unique temple in India as it has no deity or roof. It has only walls made of granite slabs on which 18 chapters of Gitai Shrimad-bhagwad-gita in Marathi are inscribed. The walls enclose a beautiful little park. The temple was inaugurated by Acharya Vinoba Bhave in Magan Sangrahalaya museum [ edit ] Magan Sangrahalaya, a museum about rural innovations, technologies This museum was inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi in It is in Maganwadi near the village’s center of Science.

The purpose of the museum is to spread awareness about the research and development of rural industries, agriculture, dairy, various types of charkhas , khadi , handicrafts by rural artisans, methods to promote the Swadeshi movement , magandeep hkhadi bhandar, sele khadi gramodyog khadi cloth and gramodyog products, and gandhi charkha sample, for example.

It is beside Gitai Mandir. It is a large white stupa. Statues of Buddha are mounted on stupa in four directions. It also has a small Japanese Buddhist temple with a large park. There is a temple near the stupa where prayers are said for universal peace. It is one of many Peace Pagoda ‘s which have been built around the world.

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A Navajo is born to the mother’s clan and born for the father’s clan.

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Among these, the Shakti Peethas at Kamkhya, Gaya and Ujjain are regarded as most sacred as they symbolize three most important aspects of mother Goddess viz. When observed carefully one can see that they lie in a perfect straight line from Kamakhya to Ujjain via Gaya symbolizing that every creation in this universe will annihilate one day without fail. The temple is located in Trimkomali, or Trincomalee on the eastern coast of Sri Lanka. The place Trinconmalee means a triangular shaped hill Tri- cona- malee or malai.

The temple is well connected by roads. There is also a Kali temple which people visit enroute to Shankari Devi temple.

Apr 18,  · The Shakti Peethas (holy places of cosmic power) are places of worship consecrated to the goddess ‘Shakti’, the female principal of Hinduism and the main deity of the Shakta sect.

Demographics[ edit ] Wardha city is governed by a municipal council category-A. According to the census, there are about , citizens within the municipal boundaries. Wardha is the largest city in Wardha district. History[ edit ] Wardha was included in the empire of the Mauryas , Shungas , Satavahanas and Vakatakas. Pravarapura, modern Pavnar, was once the capital of the Vakataka dynasty. Vakatakas were contemporaries of the Imperial Guptas. The period of the Vakatakas was from the 2nd to the 5th century CE.

The empire stretched from the Arabian Sea in the west to the Bay of Bengal in the east, and from the Narmada River in the north to the Krishna-Godavari delta in south.

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Because of this and because a better understanding of female genitalia can help combat sexual and psychological harm with regard to female development, researchers endorse correct terminology for the vulva. Vaginal support structures Pelvic anatomy including organs of the female reproductive system The human vagina is an elastic, muscular canal that extends from the vulva to the cervix. The urogenital triangle is the front triangle of the perineum and also consists of the urethral opening and associated parts of the external genitalia.

Near the upper vagina, the cervix protrudes into the vagina on its front surface at approximately a 90 degree angle. The lateral walls, especially their middle area, are relatively more rigid. Because of this, the collapsed vagina has an H-shaped cross section. The upper third are the levator ani muscles, and the transcervical, pubocervical , and sacrocervical ligaments.

Vakataka dynasty

Geology[ edit ] The mountain range was formed by the same historical events [2] that gave birth to the Western Ghats. Resting on the Deccan Plateau geologically identified as a large igneous province , it consists of solidified Flood basalt dating back to the Cenozoic era. Along its length they form a natural boundary demarcating the Igatpuri Taluka, Nashik district at its north from the Akole Taluka, Ahmednagar district at its south.

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Indian Railways — Indian Railways is a state-owned railway company, responsible for rail transport in India. It is owned and operated by the Government of India through the Ministry of Railways. It is fourth largest railway network in the world comprising , kilometres of track and 92, km of running track over a route of 68, km with 7, stations at the end of In , IR carried 8.

Maharashtra is a state in the western region of India and is India’s second-most populous state and third-largest state by gh the present day state in India was only formed in ,the region that comprises the state has a long history dating back to the 4th century BCE.

The whole of Berar, of which the district was part, was handed over to the British in Following this the district has had a rather peaceful course of development. History of Yavatmal district is can be compiled by following the course of events connected with well-known historical sites in the district or near its borders. It is believed that Yavatmal, with the rest of Berar, formed a part of the legendary kingdom of Vidarbha mentioned in the Mahabharata , with the eponymous capital of which Bidar in the Nizam’s Dominions has been identified; and legend identifies the village of Kelapur, which gives its name to one of the talukas of the district, with Kuntalapur, one of the cities of Vidarbha.

However the identification of sites in this kingdom is based mostly on conjecture, as a connected history of the district is rather difficult to put together. Berar formed part of the empire of Ashoka , who reigned from to B. The kingdom gained independence before the disruption of the Maurya Empire. This was due to the leadership of a local cheiftan who, towards the end of the reign of Pusyamitra Sunga , commanded the forces of Brihadratha, the last of the Mauryan kings.

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Tweet California-based techie Hrishikesh Sathawane, 43, returned to India for a visit in mid ; he was hoping to find the right guy to settle down with. The trip, however, was a disappointment. A few months after he got back to the US, in October , Hrishi came across a profile on a dating website: The duo met up for a dinner date two days later. Other dates followed in quick succession. It was a turning point in their relationship:

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